"We guarantee to send motor surveyor to meet the customer at the place of car accident within 30 mins."

Mr. Somjate Khunsriuchen, Senior Vice President, AXA Asia General Insurance, Thailand

"Krungthai-AXA Life has won Best Business Development Life Insurer by Office of Insurance Commission from the strong growth of our business from all channels and the continued development of products and services to meet our customers' needs, e.g. Caravan Health Check, Customer Acquisition Event (product marketing event), as well as Coporate Social Responsibility. All initiatives aim to build brand preferences and bring the customers closer to us with after sales services at their reside areas. However, these have turned to be new business generation initiatives and have significantly contributed to the growth of all channels and well-recognised by the public and the regulator on our commitment to provide health & protection awareness to our customers and all Thais."

Mrs. Saifon Sutchasila, Chief Marketing Officer, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Thailand

"I have got out of my comfort zone and taken part in the global bancassurance project and went on the short term assignment with the Group Distribution team in Paris. I have broadened my perspective in distribution and AXA. I use that experience to improve our strategic positioning with the bank."

Ms. Poramasiri Manolamai, Chief Bancassurance Officer, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Thailand

"The Life Business in India has seen some good days and some very tough times. However, 6/7 years into its operations, there was no visibility of Profitability. In 2013, I have helped create a vision for the Company – i.e. a roadmap to Profitability & Capital self sufficiency by the end of the Strat Plan period (2016). You may call it an Ambition- India Life. I believe this will serve as a motivating rallying call and unifying force for all those who are associated with the business in whatever capacity."

Mr. Sandeep Ghosh, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, AXA Asia Life Insurance, India

"Introduced a brand and marketing campaign that is digital focus and strategically uses 'digital marketing.'"

Mr. Loke Kah Meng, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Malaysia

"This year I took a new assignment in Singapore.The first thing in which I tried to make my mark was to create the team spirit, to get the right team in order to sustain and grow the company's benefits.I did this in demonstrating courage and straight talk both internally and towards the regional partners. I encouraged my team to get out of the silos and do the same. Set as a common goal to become a true leadership team and drive the strategy together. The Strat Plan exercise which we just went through demonstrated that we are half way towards this goal so I will have to continue developing this new leadership style. One thing which makes me proud is the fact that I managed to influence positively the course of the GTOM project in which my entity is a pilot. I have brought the right people together, motivated them to overcome the difficulties of local/vs/regional, encouraged them to go the extra mile and to feel proud of making it happen. Empowerment and solidarity are key in such a large program."

Mrs. Doina Palici-Chehab, CEO, AXA Asia General Insurance, Singapore

"- Develop our trainer to multi-skills to multi-channes: Agency, Banc, Corporate Solution. - Be acknowledged from our partner (KTB Bank) to involve KTB's activity, such as Orientation new staff/new branch manager,App rally, others."

Mr. Uqkrit Sridaromont, Chief Training Officer, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Thailand

"Organized and delivered 4 two-day Finance trainings in the local entities (Philippines, Indonesia, HK, India) for non-Finance professionals with great feedbacks from participants."

Mr. Arnaud Mounier, Regional Chief Investment Officer, AXA Asia Regional Office, Hong Kong

"I have continued to stand up to my beliefs to help the people and the organization, to make my mark. In AARO, Some great stories have emerged from the Pride of AXA awards."

Mr. Shubhro Mitra, Regional Chief Human Resources Officer, AXA Asia Regional Office, Hong Kong

"Developed cost awareness through management workshops, adjusted down cost Budget by 14mUSD thanks to spending rationalization but protecting distribution and marketing capabilities to develop business - Run a persistency project with successful awareness increase and implementation of 10 best practices - Negotiated strong decrease of Asset Management fees at the best rate of the market."

Mr. de Coquereaumont Renaud, Chief Financial Officer, Others, Indonesia

"Extraordinary must be too strong really ...but this year we have grown very significantly the image of profesionalism in all technical fields : - by building a professional Regional team for Commercial Lines thanks to the support of Practice Leaders in each Line of Business. The image of AXA vis a vis brokers especially is improving which is translating in a larger premium volume. - by reinforcing the GI Actuarial team in all actuarial fields (pricing, reserving) and by improving and simplifing processes via the implementation of new tools - by creating value via a better claims management (fraud, Leakage, Closed files reviews, orientation to AXA workshops...) - by supporting more widely entities to solve their HR issues in all technical fields (Underwriting, Actuarial, Claims) in 2014 we plan to continue moving one step further towards more "Professionalism" and "Expertise"."

Mr. Claude Seigne, Regional CTO, AXA Asia Regional Office, Singapore

"This year, I have led our Customer Experience Team in driving futher improvements in our operations processes and information technology solutions. This led to the achievement of higher service levels in new business, claims, and after-sales transactions amidst the challenge to realize efficiencies. Turn-around-time in our key processes are now the best-in-class in our industry based on our annual benchmarking of our major competitors. This add more reason for customers and distributors to prefer AXA above the rest."

Mr. Ariel Magtoto, Customer Experience Head, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Philippines

"Every day I've helped ICBC-AXA deliver on my adopted slogan "Just do both." Balancing our shareholder's demands, we must deliver volume and value. We must hit extremely aggressive short-term targets and build a sustainable business. We need to be sensitive to local culture and insist on global best practices. We need to be part of China's State-Owned-Enterprise network and part of the global AXA Group. Maintaining good humor (mostly) with the delicate balances has made me proud."

Mr. Hans Wagner, Chief Actuary, AXA Asia Life Insurance, China

"Emphasized need to establish a culture of trust and achievement, notably through transparency and involvement of entities in RO initiatives and reporting - Pushed for long-term vision and projections beyond strategic planning purposes - Strove to strengthen inter-departmental exchanges and debates on entity and regional issues."

Mr. Mathieu Verillaud, Finance Business Partner, AXA Asia Regional Office, Hong Kong

"I mainly work on the ownership increase and capabilities improvement of my teams. I increase the delegation level and I have made them more responsible and accountable for their results. By doing more and working better, the level of motivation has increased and AXA can accelerate his profitable growth in Asia."

Mr. Nicolas Fauvarque, Chief Financial Officer, Others, Thailand

"In Singapore, we used the opportunity of the integration of the HSBC business to totally reorganize the business units (distribution and underwriting) in order to ensure a true sales culture. We made all the changes by Legal Day 1 and managed to see a strong performance almost from the first days. The reward was that we managed to become the largest General Insurer in Singapore in the 1st Quarter 2013 (and this is not just the sume of AXA + HSBC, no, only thanks to a strong outperformance of the market growth we made it to this position). For Thailand, the team made a stunning recovery after the difficult years in 2011 and 2012. Now we are on track to outperform the budget in all elements (growth, earnings) and are highly confident to keep this up in the years to come."

Mr. Martin Rueegg, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Asia General Insurance, Thailand

"This year, I faced a strong challlenge in making difference - from running the routine business to lead the Octopussy intergration project as PMO. To achieve the goal, I spend a lot of time in building the trust worthy among various stakeholders, both inside and outside AXA, which is essential. Also I work out the necessary communication, sharing platform, methodology, to make sure the transparency of the whole project team."

Mr. Ying Hui Yuan, Director, Deputy General Manager, AXA Asia General Insurance, China

"We have signed the agreement to partner with Tianping, which will be a significant step-up opportunity in China for the GI business. This is a team efforts which comes in addition to BAU and is a strong tribute to the resilience of the teams who having been able to secure and implement a deal every year over the past 3 years, requiring extra time and effort over BAU: Mandiri in 2011 - HSBC in 2012 - Tianping in 2013."

Ms. Gaelle Olivier, CEO Asia General Insurance, AXA Asia General Insurance, Singapore

"We have been able to take the first big step in Thailand of managing PH dividend expectations and made the first cut. We are the most professional and transparent company in the market. This upholds the ethical values of the AXA Group."

Mr. David Korunic, CEO, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Thailand

"One : I initiated the maturity management project to help Malaysia preserve those policies that are maturing this year, which represent RM300m of cash outflow, through working with product risk, distribution, investment, we launched the structured product that replaced the previous product in June, and YTD sales already reached RM5m and keep growing. Two: To help Indonesia improve persistency in the agency channel, I camped on site, worked with Indonesia Product, Operation, Finance and distribution to diagnose the business, identify the root cause , work out the mitigation and gain functional head's buy in to tackle the issue. Now it is part of the local persistency management plan. Improvement in persistency has significant positive impact on NBV and Earnings."

Ms. Dai Shi, Regional Finance Business Partner, AXA Asia Regional Office, Hong Kong

"(1) Financial - GI Solvency stays above regulatory requirement without capital injection. Shareholder dividend distribution and capital management in Life. (2) Team "one team" with lead forward change management, integrated GI, ex-HSBC and Life."

Ms. Angela Chui, Chief Financial Officer, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Hong Kong

"Increase international mobility and help develop people within the Regional Finance family - Organise a finance roadshow across the region (2 days in 4 countries + 4 days for the main FINE seminar in Singapore) to educate as many non-finance professionals as possible to the basics of finance. So far, we have given training to around 200 people across the region."

Mr. Francois-Valery Lecomte, Regional Chief Financial Officer, AXA Asia Regional Office, Hong Kong

"Contributed to ensuring potention leakages from HSBC portfolio.
1) stayed with AXA
2) Introduced AXA brokering team to Multi nationals brokers and initiated actions that today is maintained by the brokering team through robust engagement and activities. At 1H 2013, International Brokers GWP enjoyed growth of 25%
3) Actively engaged with L3 Underwriting teams to work on instilling a 'can-do' commercial portfolio approach to pricing
4) Introduce Banca team to wider local banker contacts to initiate discussions on AXA value proposition."

Mr. Terence Tan, Chief Distribution Officer, AXA Asia General Insurance, Singapore

"I have made my Mark this year by improving the talent pipeline of our organisation, increasing managements understanding of their role in people management and by learning from our previous integration to make the second HSBC integration activity more successful."

Mr. OngJin Tan, Chief Human Resource Officer, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Singapore

"Stabilize the staff force of the company post-merger and meeting the target GWP of the company."

Mr. Jeremy Yeap, Senior Executive Vice President, Business Development, AXA Asia General Insurance, Malaysia

"Distribution: 1. Organization Restructure 2. Alignment of Functions to work together and better, stable working environment 3. Drive for Performance."

Mr. Vineet Patni, Chief Distribution Officer, Others, India

"Launching Corporate solutions for AMFS in Indonesia - this was only possible as the result of strong collaboration between local and regional teams, driven by the vision and determination of a few - in under 6 months we went from gaining business case approval to launching a completely new line of business with new people, processes and systems in place. In the years to come, AMFS Corporate Solutions it is expected to make a signficant contribution to the ambition of AMFS to become the No.1 life company in Indonesia."

Mr. Kevin Rice, Regional Director, Business Solutions, AXA Asia Regional Office, Hong Kong

"Continue to be the facilitator of Redefining culture course in order to promote the right culture - "trust & achievement". To be trained as a coach on debriefing the "TalentView of Leadership Transitions" report to our OTRs in order to determine their development priorities for future career development."

Ms. Isabel Lam, Chief Corporate Management Officer, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Hong Kong

"A major achievement this year is the CAMP project going live. This is a total rebuild of the Prophet models in the region, and I have sponsored and managed this team over the last 2 years. Previously, there were many different models across the region, and even several models in each country. These were not well designed, and there were many inconsistencies. Maintaining them was laborious, and there were many errors and problems. Now we have a single model covering the whole region, the system has been industrialised with far better controls, the design is efficient and the methodology is correct. We can have far more confidence in the output, and can control the models far better going forwards. There has been an internal team of 20 actuaries working on this, with key contributions from One IT and AXA Tech too, plus external support, so it has been a signifcant effort across teams. The result is a market leading, state-of-the-art actuarial projection system, and it is a massive improvement in the capability and efficiency of our finance teams."

Mr. Mark Stamper, Regional Chief Risk Officer & Chief Life Actuary, AXA Asia Regional Office, Hong Kong

"AXA Health Campaign (Oct – Dec 2012) Launching AXA Health City - the 1st in integrated marketing activation that has successfully combined massive outdoor, indoor and online activities, optimizing the reach for awareness, raising consideration to buy AXA products and strengthen AXA's positioning as the health experts. Business benefits: - Digitally accessible: launched the 1st interactive digital health portal with location-based map to find the nearest hospitals, clinics and doctors. Shortlisted for Catalyst Awards by Havas Media (Q1, 2013) and winner of AXA Innovation awards (for AXA Regional level – Young & Family categories) - Leads Generation: 50,000+ web visits in 3 months, 41,000+ are unique visitors, 300+ mobile app downloads within 2 weeks of launch, positive reviews on app store, 4.7 of 5 rating, IDR100 million++ APE in only 6 days - AXA Health City and Fun walk have been attended approximately 25,000 visitors and have engaged with many people in the event (regulator, JV Partner, all entities employees and families, sales force, media and rickshaw driver)."

Mr. Randy Lianggara, CEO, AXA Asia Life Insurance, Indonesia

"Turning around the company performance by : 1. Identify key drivers and priorities 2. Build plan based on no. 1 3. Get key people to engage with no. 2 and to execute the plan."

Mr. Wirojo Karsono, President Director, AXA Asia General Insurance, Indonesia